Make the “Moove” to
Monto for all your
livestock needs

Monto Veterinary Group stand above the rest when it comes to everything Livestock. Our team have a true passion for all aspects of livestock production from the biggest operation to the smallest farm. Monto Veterinary Group pride themselves on having the latest diagnostic equipment and knowledge to help you make the best management decisions for
all your livestock needs.

Livestock Services

• pregnancy testing ultrasound technology ACV preg check accreditation with sale tags
• foetal ageing
• calving’s
• reproductive breeding examinations
• artificial insemination
• prolapse repair

• bull semen testing ACV bull check accreditation
• bull soundness evaluation
• semen collection
• herd management
• heifer management
• bovine medicine
• vaccination & protocols
• nutrition advice

• in-house laboratory
• in field routine surgeries
• emergency surgery
• surgical dehorning
• biosecurity advice & JBAS plans
• sheep, goat, alpaca management